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BIA Meeting Notes

Please see the notes from our last BIA meeting below

Here are meeting notes from Thursday's BIA Meeting. Thank you!

BridgePrep Bull Dog in Action Meeting
January 23, 2020
Gala- Auction Items
We are in need of parents to volunteer to help with obtaining donation items for the Gala. The groups of donations are as follows: restaurant gift cards, actual items (sports memorabilia, etc..) class gift baskets (room parents will be in communication regarding this soon) and the wine table.
Please email Stacy Catena, slcatena@gmail.com to sign up to volunteer. A donation letter and W-9 form will be provided to help secure the items.
Save the dates were sent home on Friday, January 24th for the Gala. There will be a photo booth at the Gala for families to use.
BridgePrep Family Night will be put together as a school fundraiser for early March. More details to follow.
Will look into a family bowling night at Frank’s Bowling alley after spring break. More details to follow.
Bake Sale- suggestion that came up in meeting
“Baking for BridgePrep” is in the works. This will be a Friday once a month bake sale in carline for both release times. BP families are invited to donate baked goods (store bought would be okay too, lol) to sell for $1-$2 per item as a wonderful afterschool snack. Any interest in participating please contact Tracy McManamon at taca143@yahoo.comSchool
Rummage Sale
“Spring Cleaning Rummage Sale” to be scheduled at the end of April, (final date TBD). This is a school fundraiser! Families are invited to participate in a “Spring Cleaning” of their unwanted items! There is a $20 participation fee, table rental is $5 (you can provide your own table).
A flyer will be created. Event will be marketed through social media channels and word of mouth.
Reminders: Remember “Family Night Out” at Chipotle in Canyons on Wednesday, February 18th.
Next BIA Meeting will be Thursday, February 20th from 6pm-7pm.
With any questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact Stacy Catena at slcatena@gmail.com.